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Consistent with our mission to explore music from the 18th- and early 19th-centuries, Steglein publishes books that complement our musical editions and that contribute to the general knowledge of music from the period.

SECM 2021 cover

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SECM 2021
Courts, Colonies, and Cosmopolitan Exchange

The Society for Eighteenth-Century Music (SECM) had intended to hold its Ninth Biennial Conference in association with the Royal Swedish Academy of Music (Kungliga Musikaliska Akademien) from 19–21 March 2020 in Stockholm. Plans were disrupted by the pandemic, and the conference took place via Zoom on 6–7 and 13–14 August 2021. Nevertheless, the papers were stimulating, the discussions lively, and participation by scholars on both sides of the Atlantic (and even from the Pacific Rim) was greater than would otherwise have been possible. Ten of the papers presented at the conference are published here.

Edited by Beverly Wilcox

xviii, 173 pages

ISBN 979-8-9894299-0-5

paperback, $30.00


SECM 2018 cover

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SECM in Tallahassee 2018
The Political, Transnational, and Exotic In Eighteenth-Century Musical Life

The Society for Eighteenth-Century Music (SECM) held its Eighth Biennial Conference at Florida State University in Tallahassee from 23–25 February 2018. The setting for the conference was the beautifully restored Apalachee-Hispanic community of Mission San Luis de Talimali, now within the city limits of Tallahassee and near the FSU campus. Besides papers, lively discussions, and concerts, the conference included a tour of the nearby archaeological collections of the State of Florida. Eight of the papers presented at the conference are published here.

Edited by Bertil van Boer

xiv, 129 pages

ISBN 978-0-9982213-9-7

paperback, $30.00


SECM 2016 cover

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SECM in Austin 2016
Topics in Eighteenth-Century Music II

The Society for Eighteenth-Century Music (SECM) held its Seventh Biennial Conference at the University of Texas, Austin, from 25–28 February 2016. In addition to interesting paper sessions, lively concerts, and lecture-recitals, the conference included a side trip to San Antonio, where the participants toured two of the eighteenth-century Spanish missions there: Mission San Jose (1720) and Mission San Antonio de Valero (1718, later more famously known as the Alamo) Seven of the papers presented at the conference are published here.

Edited by Janet K. Page

xiv, 113 pages

ISBN 978-0-9982213-7-3

paperback, $30.00


SECM 2014 cover

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Music in Eighteenth-Century Culture

The Society for Eighteenth-Century Music (SECM), meeting jointly with the Haydn Society of North America, held its Sixth Biennial Conference at Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA, from February 27th through March 2nd 2014. The conference site adjoined the Brethren’s House (1748) of the original Moravian settlement, where the two societies enjoyed interesting paper sessions, exciting concerts and lecture-recitals, a recreation of a Moravian Singstunde, and even a tasting of historic beers (i.e., brewed with traditional techniques and recipes) in Bethlehem’s original brewer’s house! Eight of the papers presented at the conference are published here.

Edited by Mary Sue Morrow

xiii, 206 pages

ISBN 978-0-9982213-1-1

paperback, $35.00


ENK cover

The Sons of Bach
Essays for Elias N. Kulukundis

A dozen specialists in the music of the generation of German composers following Johann Sebastian Bach have contributed essays to this volume to celebrate the eightieth birthday of Elias N. Kulukundis. A businessman, musicologist, and collector, the dedicatee has devoted many years and untold resources toward establishing a library of primary sources relating to the sons of Bach, the extent of which has not been seen in private hands since Georg Poelchau’s collection in the early nineteenth century. The documents in the Kulukundis collection, now on long-term loan to the Bach-Archiv in Leipzig, represent the starting point for the essays herein.

Edited by Peter Wollny and Stephen Roe

xi, 288 pages

ISBN 978-0-9819850-9-1

hardback, $65.00


SECM 2012 cover

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Haydn and His Contemporaries II

The Society for Eighteenth-Century Music (SECM), meeting jointly for the second time with the Haydn Society of North America, held its Fifth Biennial Conference at the College of Charleston in Charleston, SC, 13–15 April 2012. Convening in historic Towell Library, the two societies enjoyed interesting paper sessions, a pair of lecture-recitals, and exciting concerts. Eight of the papers presented at the conference are published here.

Edited by Kathryn L. Libin

xiii, 177 pages

ISBN 978-0-9819850-8-4

paperback, $30.00


Heartz cover

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Artists and Musicians
Portrait Studies from the Rococo to the Revolution
by Daniel Heartz

Daniel Heartz’s all-new, richly documented case studies bridge generations, nationalities, genders, musical styles, and artistic schools. The soprano castrato Farinelli and the Venetian Rococo painter Jacopo Amigoni formed a friendship that lasted for many years. A generation later, in Paris, the pastellist Maurice-Quentin de La Tour expressed his love for the greatest French soprano of her age, Marie Fel, in an intimate portrait. The other studies provide glimpses into the lives of the artists Antoine Watteau, Rosalba Carriera, Thomas Gainsborough, Sir Joshua Reynolds, Antoine Vestier, and François-André Vincent, the opera singers Faustina Bordoni and Rosalie Duplant; composers Johann Adolf Hasse, Johann Christian Bach, Antonio Sacchini, and Francois-Joseph Gossec, the gamba virtuoso Karl Abel, the music historian Charles Burney, and the Riccoboni troupe of comédiens italiennes.

Besides Heartz’s several pairings of artists and musicians, the collection contains ground-breaking studies by John A. Rice on the royal painter Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun and the opera composer Giovanni Paisiello, and by Paul Corneilson on Thomas Gainsborough’s little-known portrait of the Mannheim soprano Franziska Danzi-Lebrun.

Twenty full-color plates, some published for the first time, are richly explicated in the text, bringing out the character of the protagonists in these interdisciplinary exchanges. They are supplemented by more than forty illustrations of related paintings, drawings, engravings, and maps. Generous citations of published reproductions guide the reader to additional art works mentioned in the text.

Edited by Beverly Wilcox

xvii, 407 pages

ISBN 978-0-9819850-7-7

hardback, $90.00


SECM2010 cover

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SECM in Brooklyn 2010
Topics in Eighteenth-Century Music I

The Society for Eighteenth-Century Music (SECM) gathered in April 2010 for its fourth biennial meeting at St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights, NY. In addition to stimulating papers and discussions on campus, the conference included concerts, tours, and meals in authentic eighteenth-century venues, and visits to local libraries to view eighteenth-century materials in their collections. Ten of the papers presented at the conference are included in this book.

Edited by Margaret R. Butler and Janet K. Page

xv, 241 pages

ISBN 978-0-9819850-5-3

paperback, $35.00


SECM2008 cover

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“Hands-On” Musicology
Essays in Honor of Jeffery Kite-Powell

On the occasion of Jeffery Kite-Powell’s retirement from The Florida State University, his colleagues and former students joined together to present him with this collection of essays. Kite-Powell was the long-time director of FSU’s early music ensembles, where he tutored many hundreds of students in the “hands-on” application of musicological knowledge toward a living performance tradition. The essays range from medieval chant through 20th-century accompanied recitation, reflecting the broad range of Kite-Powell’s interests and testifying to his high regard within the academic community.

Edited by Allen Scott

x, 413 pages

ISBN 978-0-9819850-4-6

hardback, $65.00


SECM2008 cover

Haydn and His Contemporaries

The Society for Eighteenth-Century Music and the Haydn Society of North America met jointly in early 2008 on the campus of Scripps College in Claremont California for three days of papers, concerts, and conversation. Thirteen contributions to the conference are brought together here that demonstrate the breadth and depth of scholarship taking place around the “long” eighteenth century, and particularly around the figure of Franz Joseph Haydn.

Edited by Sterling E. Murray

xiii, 225 pages

ISBN 978-0-9819850-2-2

paperback, $30.00


Buben cover

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Er ist der Vater, wir sind die Bub'n
Essays in Honor of Christoph Wolff

Er ist der Vater, wir sind die Bub'n: Essays in Honor of Christoph Wolff presents recent research by Christoph Wolff's colleagues at the Bach-Archiv in Leipzig and at the C.P.E. Bach complete works edition in Cambridge in honor of Prof. Wolff's 70th birthday. The contributions focus principally on C.P.E. Bach, but also include an essay on J.S. Bach's bible, an original composition, and an original sonnet, the latter two composed specifically for the dedicatee.

Edited by Paul Corneilson and Peter Wollny

xiv, 234 pages

ISBN 978-0-9819850-1-5

hardback, $50.00


Festschrift cover

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Coll' astuzia, col giudizio
Essays in Honor of Neal Zaslaw

Coll' astuzia, col giudizio: Essays in Honor of Neal Zaslaw celebrates the occasion of Neal Zaslaw's 70th birthday with contributions by the dedicatee's colleagues and former students. The essays naturally center around Mozart, but also touch on a wide range of other topics that have been important to Zaslaw's career: performance practice, the French baroque, musical psychology, and more. The volume concludes with a bibliography of Zaslaw's writings.

Edited by Cliff Eisen

vii, 456 pages

ISBN 978-0-9819850-0-8

hardback, $65.00


Rhodes cover

Performance Practice
Issues and Approaches

Performance Practice: Issues and Approaches is a collection of fourteen essays originally presented at the conference on performing practice sponsored by and held on the campus of Rhodes College from 4–6 March 2007. Not a how-to manual of performance-practice techniques, the present volume is rather a musicological exploration of performance-related questions in a wide range of chronological and geographical repertoires, from monophony in twelfth-century Paris, to sacred polyphony in sixteenth-century New Spain, to elocution strategies in the early twentieth century, and very much in between. A Foreword by Christopher Hogwood helps set the stage for the various chapters, which are accompanied by generous musical examples and illustrations.

Edited by Timothy D. Watkins

xv, 267 pages

ISBN 978-0-9719854-9-0

hardback, $45.00


SECM2004 cover

Genre in Eighteenth-Century Music

Genre in Eighteenth-Century Music presents eleven papers read at the second biennial conference of the Society for Eighteenth-Century Music, held from 21–23 April 2006 in colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. The book follows the conference by dividing the papers into four parts corresponding to the four conference sessions: Eighteenth-Century Neapolitan Comic Opera; Genre and Vocal Music; Genre and Instrumental Music; and A Miscellany of Genres.

Edited by Anthony R. DelDonna

xiii, 285 pages

ISBN 978-0-9719854-7-6

paperback, $30.00


SECM2004 cover

Music in Eighteenth-Century Life

The Society for Eighteenth-Century Music held its inaugural conference from 30 April to 2 May at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. The conference was organized around the three spheres in which public music making mainly took place during the eighteenth century: cities, courts and churches. The present volume publishes seven of the papers that were presented at the conference.

Edited by Mara E. Parker

x, 149 pages

ISBN 0-9719854-5-6

paperback, $20.00


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