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SECM in Austin 2018
The Political, Transnational, and Exotic In Eighteenth-Century Musical Life





Plenary Lecture: Music in Context: A Reflection on the Study of Eighteenth-Century Music, Sterling E. Murray

Missing Pieces of a Forgotten Story: Archival Work and Source Status in Mexico, Dianne Lehmann Goldman

The French Operatic Prologue as Liminal Space, Anita Hardeman

The Conspicuous Absentee: Waṅhal, Ditters and Von dem wienerischen Geschmack in der Musik, Halvor K. Hosar

Early American Electioneering and Political Debate in Song: The Case of the Alien and Sedition Acts, Laura Lohman

Rethinking Center and Periphery: Eighteenth-Century Violin Tradition Between Naples and Paris, Guido Olivieri

Poet, Prostitute, and Prophetess: Rediscovering the Music of Signora Corilla, Cameron Steuart

Abbé Vogler’s “Global” Musical Works: Charlatanism, Bringing the Eighteenth Century a Global Perspective, or Extenuating Circumstances, Bertil van Boer

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