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SECM in Austin 2016
Topics in Eighteenth-Century Music II




Function and Style in the Early Settecento Motet: The Case of Isabella Leonarda and Her Motetti à voce sola, opus 20 (1700), Stewart Carter

Baroque Sister Act: Sacred Parodies in the Educational Outreach of the Ursuline Nuns in Eighteenth-Century New Orleans, Kim Pineda

A Gift of Twenty Minuets: Exploring a Recently Discovered Manuscript by Maria Rosa Coccia, Marie Caruso

Polish Adaptations of German Operas in the Enlightenment Project of Building National Operatic Traditions, Anna Parktina

Adventures in Room X: Cataloguing the Lobkowitz Library Music Collection, Kathryn L. Libin

Patronage, Entrepreneurship, and Gender in the Eighteenth-Century Glee, Bethany Cencer

Laboring a Point: What are Developments Doing?, W. Dean Sutcliffe

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