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SECM2004 cover

Music in Eighteenth-Century Life




Part 1 Sacred Music

A Mid-18th-Century Devotional Book from the Viennese Convent of St. Jacob, Janet K. Page

Church Music, “Classical” Style, and the Dialectic of Old and New in Late-18th-Century Musical Culture, Jen-Yen Chen

Part 2 Italians Abroad

Le quattro regioni: Vivaldi and the Paradox of Historical Recognition, Bella Brover-Lubovsky

Part 3 Music in London

Evidence for Corellian Style Adagio Improvisation in London Concerts: The Publications of Walsh and Hare (1707–1725), Charles Gower Price

Part 4 Hamburg, Dresden, and Stockholm

Gottlob Harrer’s Sinfonias and Society: Cultural Influence on Style Traits of an Early Sinfonia Repertory in Dresden, R.Todd Rober

Part 5 Opera

Exoticisim in 18th-Century Turinese Opera: Motezuma in Context, Margaret R. Butler

Mozart, La clemenza di Tito, and Aristocratic Reaction in Bohemia, Daniel E. Freeman


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