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Performance Practice
Issues and Approaches




Part 1 Monophonic Traditions

Echoes of St. Andrews: Performance Practice Questions in the Chants of W1, Jann Cosart

Notation and Rhythm in the Medicean Gradual, Joshua Veltman

Die Meistersinger von Breslau: Adam Puschman and the Breslau Meistersingerordnung of 1598, Allen Scott

Part 2 American Musics

Performance Issues in Early Colonial Mexican Polyphony: A Critical Examination of Some Colonial Accounts, Timothy D. Watkins

The Dilemma of Instrumentation in the Early American Theater: A Portrait of the Colonial Charleston Orchestra, Timothy Crain

The Interface Between Literacy and Orality in the Performance of Music by William Billings, Charles Brewer

Part 3 Baroque Repertoires

Fanning the Flames of Love: Hidden Performance Solutions for Monteverdi’s Ballo delle ingrate in Dance Practice, Virginia Christy Lamothe

Cello Teaching and Playing in Naples in the Early Eighteenth Century: Francesco Paolo Supriani’s Principij da imparare a suonare il violoncello, Guido Olivieri

Music sui generis: Confronting the Obvious in the Bach Cello Suites, Christine Kyprianides

In Defense of l’ancien goût in Regency France: The Free Graces of Montéclair’s Instrumental doubles, Charles Gower Price

Part 4 Music and Text in Romantic Contexts

Mendelssohn “Unfinished:” Newly Discovered Performance Parts of the Premiere of St. Paul, Siegwart Reichwald

The Peerless Reciter: Reconstructing the Lost Art of Elocution with Music, Marian Wilson Kimber

Part 5 Theoretical and Technological Issues

Two Facets of Eighteenth-Century Performance Practice: A Dialogue Between Melodic and Harmonic Dynamic Prescriptions in Quantz’s Versuch, Evan Jones

Technology and Aesthetics: Historically Informed Performance Practice and the Compact Disc, Stephen Meyer


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