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What's a steglein?

The German term "Steg" refers to a narrow path or a footbridge.
It also has a musical meaning, referring to the bridge of stringed
instruments. The German ending "lein" is a diminutive, so "Steglein"
is a small bridge. Steglein Publishing's colophon, reproduced on the
left (and at the bottom of each page of this web site and on the title
pages of our publications), is thus a small violin bridge.
Return policy All sales of Steglein Publishing, Inc. editions and books are final.
Items that are received in a substantially damaged condition may be
returned and replaced with the same item at Steglein's discretion.
Please be aware that, although we make every effort to package our
shipments to avoid damage in transit, shipping services are not known
for their gentle touch and that the ocassional bent corner can hardly
be avoided.
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