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Genre in Eighteenth-Century Music




Part 1 Eighteenth-Century Neapolitan Comic Opera

The ‘Catechism’ of the commedeja pe’ mmuseca in Early Eighteenth-Century Naples, Paologiovanni Maione

Politics and commedia per musica: Paisello’s Le gare generose between Naples and Venice [Abstract only], Pierpaolo Polzonetti

Enlightened Themes and the Neapolitan Academic querelle at the End of the Eighteenth Century, Antonio Caroccia

Giovanni Battista Lorenzi (1721–1807) and Neapolitan Comic Opera in the Late Eighteenth Century, Anthony R. DelDonna

Part 2 Genre and Vocal Music

Domesticating Opera: John Walsh and his editions of Symphonys or Intrumental Parts, Richard Hardie

‘Greatly inferior’ Entertainments: Opera and Genre in Eighteenth-Century London [Abstract only], Michael Burden

Part 3 Genre and Instrumental Music

What’s in a Name? C. P. E. Bach and the Genres of the Character Piece and Musical Portrait, Joshua S. Walden

C. P. E. Bach’s Sonatinas for Keyboard(s) and Orchestra, Stephen C. Fisher

Capriccio Finales in the Symphonies of Antonio Rosetti: Meaning and Significance, Sterling E. Murray

When is a Serenade a Serenade? Andrew Kearns

Part 4 A Miscellany of Genres

The German Songbook in Colonial America, Timothy Sharp

Chorale Arrangements in the Late Liturgical Passions of Georg Philipp Telemann, Jason Grant

Villancicos, Cantadas, Arias, and Tonadas: Making Sense of Italianized Spanish Genres in the Eighteenth Century, [Abstract only], Drew Edward Davies

The Composing of ‘Musick’ in the English Language: the Development of the English Cantata, 1700–1750, Jennifer Cable


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