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The Early String Quartet

Pricing and ordering

Steglein Publishing is pleased to introduce uniform volume pricing for its series of early string quartets. Since each volume will contain approximately the same amount of music (usually six quartets), the production costs will be fairly consistent from volume to volume. By knowing the price in advance, standing order subscribers are better able to budget their acquisitions from Steglein.

Individual orders:
Score $60.00
Parts $20.00

Standing orders:
Score and parts $60.00

All prices are in US dollars. Shipping/handling charges will be added to each shipment.

For information about ordering with a purchase order, please inquire by e-mail at

by fax at
(US) 734-786-0063

or by postal mail at
Steglein Publishing, Inc.
3588 Plymouth Road, Suite 377
Ann Arbor, MI 48105-2603

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